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 Saint Petersburg [APP]

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The Plum Empire
The Plum Empire

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PostSubject: Saint Petersburg [APP]   Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:50 pm

/may provide a real picture later

Name: Pyotr Petrovich Romanov

Nickname(s): Piter

Area Being Personified: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Timeline (DOB - DOD): 1703 - present day

Ethnicity: Russian

Religion: Formerly Russian Orthodox (though his true piety was questionable), now atheist.

Government: Born the capital of an absolute monarchy, turned communist and consequently lost capital status, now part of a 'democracy' (it can be said that a significant part of him is ruled by the mafia, being the 'Criminal Capital of Russia').

Likes: literature (commonly seen with a book), chess, classical music, ballet, bizarre foods, plotting, hamsters, being the boss of Russia

Dislikes: hot weather, nudists, boredom, Fascism, children, dogs, the beach, not being the boss of Russia

Notable Foreign Relationships: Liked by few, disliked by many. The foreign relations of Russia are too convoluted to really say who are their 'enemies' and who are their 'allies'. :\ Although, he arguably generally had a better relationship with the West than Soviet Russia did. (So take that, Moscow. /shot)
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PostSubject: Re: Saint Petersburg [APP]   Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:53 pm

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Saint Petersburg [APP]
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