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 Growing Pains [1664/Versailles/Public]

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Growing Pains [1664/Versailles/Public] Empty
PostSubject: Growing Pains [1664/Versailles/Public]   Growing Pains [1664/Versailles/Public] EmptyThu Feb 10, 2011 7:16 pm

This outfit was really itchy. The tutor expected Auguste to be listening, Auguste wasn't. He felt increasingly uncomfortable. There was a window before him. Auguste could see all the construction he was going through. He wanted to be outside. He'd rather help, or well, he'd rather hunt, but he didn't get the chance to do that as much anymore. He didn't want to stay in here, he had no desire to learn Latin.

“Now translate what I just said.”

“Non.” Auguste frowned, with a deep groan. He tapped his foot on the floor, he really wanted to be outside. His expression was exaggerated to the extreme. It was obvious he didn't want to be here. The tutor seemed irritated. Everyone was irritated with the task Versailles presented to them, they enjoyed being with him about as much as he enjoyed being with them. Everyone but Louis XIV, that was. To everyone but the King, this boy seemed a hopeless cause. He just was not aristocratic enough. Louis XIV was the only one who saw that hidden charm, that once furbished, could make somebody more fitting for the King than anyone else in France.

“The King is about to make his chateau on your land, it's very important that you learn to fit in with the aristocracy, you must follow your lessons. Saint-Germain-en-Laye learned this before her 6th birthday, you're almost 14.”

“Can I go help the King?” He chirped out, indicating that the lecture was completely ignored. The tutor like most, was fed up with the boy.

“No, the King gave orders that until lunch you stay inside, and take your lessons.”

“Lunch? What are they making me for lunch? Can I eat with the King?”

“No, now translate from your book.”

Auguste groaned, kicking the floor, again. He was not used to being kept still for this long. This was a vital and strange time in his life, he was growing up like he never expected, and the boy was antsy. He stretched, and reluctantly turned to the text.

Then it was only a few seconds until Auguste was called to lunch. His stalling efforts were successful. The tutor could not dismiss his student, because Auguste was already up, and away.

((Versailles did start off with somewhat humble origins, as I mentioned before. It was a pretty dumpy place, Louis XIII made some little hunting lodge there, and Louis XIV as an avid hunter visited it. It was frequently a hunting ground for the royal family. After the Fronde, Louis XIV wanted to move his court away from Paris. He wanted to move to Versailles, in order to consolidate the aristocracy around him. If he kept his enemies close, he could prevent them from doing anything. There were various building campaigns starting at 1664 (though there was minor construction earlier). Unfortunatly, everyone besides Louis XIV was under the impression that Versailles was a shitty place to build a chateau on. It was marshy, didn't have easy access to water, and was pretty far away from any real town. They had to do a lot of work to get Versailles as nice as it is today.))
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Growing Pains [1664/Versailles/Public]
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